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Randomly Happy was created as a safe space for Eliza to create carefree art without restrictions. It is an avenue for Eliza to turn her negative experiences into positivity, in turn hoping to motivate others and bring random moments of happiness to those who view her artworks and products.  


In terms of portrait artworks, Randomly Happy also hopes to preserve and capture those precious bit of smiles and memories into a single art piece, so that one may display and gift artworks that are personal and valuable to them.


Hello World! 

I am Eliza Chong, artist and creator of my little small business, Randomly Happy! I am an artist who is trained in Design Communications, and had my works exhibited on various exhibitions such as 1M Exhibition (Publicis x Raffles Place Alliance), PALADIN x The Final Bosses, Disney Mickey Go Local 90th Anniversary, Giraffes SG (Central CDC & Singapore Kindness Movement) and more. 


I am passionate about raising awareness on mental health issues, and hoping to shed positivity on a negative topic. My works centres around designs, crafts, and photographies, but I am always exploring new means of art as well!

Check out my portfolio here!

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